How the Summers Will Be

As if having a beautiful country property on which to live out the rest of our days isn’t enough…

My mother-in-law has a little place right on the beach, just a short drive away from our new house.

This is how we’ll spend our Summers.

How did we ever get so lucky?


  1. says

    Oh I just have to follow your story!! The house. the move, the change from city to country, and a beach too???!! Oh yes, this will be fun! Looking forward to your adventure!


  2. says

    This is gorgeous – the beach, and family, just perfect!
    I am slow getting to see all the blogs as I just started mine and I am trying to get used to the changes with our technical stuff.
    I just signed on as a Follower and will certainly be back. I would love it if you could stop over at my new place called – Memories of the Lake …… I have to catch up with everyone soon. Patience, right ?

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