Every Story Begins Somewhere

Here’s where the story of how we came to live in our house starts. 

Well, no, I guess it starts back about a year ago when we decided to leave our life in the big city behind and move our little family of three back to my husband Chris’s hometown. Then there’s the part where we bought the big ol’ farmhouse out in the country, right near Gramma’s house so our 6-year-old daughter Kennedy can see her everyday if she likes.

But now’s the fun part; the part where we move in and get to work tearing apart walls, uncovering history and renovating our own home exactly how we want it, just for us. It’s about a simpler life, adventures in the country, and creating roots for ourselves and future members of our family.

Come along for the ride!


  1. says

    Congrats! Will be happily following the new site. I, too, will be moving to a new house shortly and will be happily sharing the transformations that will go into making it “our home.”

  2. says

    Yey, I can’t wait to see it all!! Your house is beautiful and I’m sure it’s going to look great once you do what you want, that’s the best. Caught my attention from MM at, BNOTP. Have a terrific week. FABBY

  3. says

    It was my dream to move to a house in the country and remodel. However, it was not my husband’s dream. So, we are building a country house in the suburbs.

    It will be fun to follow you on your journey!! Have fun. Hugs, Jan

  4. says

    OH how absolutely wonderful! You are living the life that I dreamed of for so many years…. well similar to my dream. My dream was to buy my grandmother’s house and some of the surrounding acreage and raise our children in a small town but when she passed away it was just not feasible. We’ve lived in the country before (and do now on .5 acres!) and my husband grew up on a dairy farm. ONe of these days we will return to “our” roots but for the time being we will be content living the life of a military family!

    I look forward to following along your journey!

  5. Betty819 says

    Just found your blog and I love this house. This posting is as far as I got..hope you’re showing pictures of before/after of renovation projects. That house from the exterior picture has character already. Renovation is a lot of work but you learn so much in the process.

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