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Easy DIY Drywall Tips

  The number of walls that we have in this house that aren’t covered in paneling is seriously itty bitty. We’ve mostly just been painting for now and coming up with results that we’re pretty happy with, and sometimes we’re even ecstatic about how good painted paneling really looks. We also have a lot of […]


How to clean and deodorize smelly sneakers, cleats, and sports gear!

  Kennedy was away at soccer camp last week and of course that meant packing up her cleats in her suitcase so that she could take them with her. Well. One sniff of our mudroom after a soccer game, and you’d know that it was not going to smell pretty in that suitcase. We’ve had […]


Easy DIY Shutters

  Is there anything better than improving your home’s curb appeal? Doesn’t making your house look prettier from the street just make you feel like you’ve just moved up a notch in the world? It might be just me, but I love a good curb appeal booster, and the only thing better is if it’s […]


Quick and Easy DIY Deck Staining

  This little trick today comes to you courtesy of Chris, who decided he was going to stain the deck after we finished re-building it a couple of weeks ago. If you missed the full before and after of this deck, click through to my deck recycling project post to see how run-down this little […]


How to recycle your old deck into something new that you love!

So, three years after we move in, and at least 2 years after we started this project, we finally got it done. And this is the one year when we actually have mosquitos out there. Figures right?   Anyway. We’re still pretty excited about this most recent project and addition to the usable living space […]


Grey Living Room Before and After: Complete-ish Paint Color and Source List

  I’m so terrible at sharing where and how and why I find some of the things I use in the rooms and projects that I share around here and you all are so good at keeping me on my toes with that! I seem to always be answering all of these individual questions about […]