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Canadian Farm House Home Tour

  If you’re here as part of the Canadian Home Bloggers Tour, Welcome!     My name’s Courtenay and I live here in this house…   with my husband Chris and these two cute things: Our house is very (very very) much a work in progress, but I share the whole process here on the […]


Easy Molding and Trim Work Trick: Figuring out what to do about tricky angles.

  In this house, there’s only one master of moldings, and that’s Chris. We have all kinds of wonky walls and weird angles going on in almost every room and Chris has always seemed to be able to get everything to fit just right, no matter what. I hardly ever have holes or gaps to […]


Back To School Shopping at Staples and a Free Super-Detailed Printable Checklist

  I love this time of year. I love back to school shopping. The idea of getting back into a routine and starting fresh with shiny new supplies and a world full of possibility is so exciting for me! That being said, once the sheen has worn off of the first few days of school, […]


Healthy, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, No-Heat, No-Bake Cookies!

  A good no-bake cookie recipe is essential for Summer time isn’t it? It’s so useful to have in your back pocket for when that sweet-tooth makes itself known or for when you want to bring some treats to a get-together but don’t want to turn on the oven. I discovered a really great no-bake […]


The painless way to clean microfiber furniture!

  So, we have these chairs. We’ve had them for about 8 years now. They’re microfiber and they’re great and they really don’t show the mess too much if you keep them vacuumed. Microfiber is really popular because for the most part it’s pretty easy to take care of like that and it can look […]


Easy DIY Drywall Tips

  The number of walls that we have in this house that aren’t covered in paneling is seriously itty bitty. We’ve mostly just been painting for now and coming up with results that we’re pretty happy with, and sometimes we’re even ecstatic about how good painted paneling really looks. We also have a lot of […]